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Oliver is a young and curious inventor who faces challenges in creating a machine that will help his community. Through determination, creativity, and faith in his abilities, he overcomes challenges and discovers that faith in oneself and in God can lead to remarkable achievements. He also learns to see himself the way God sees him as a creative boy who can do anything. Read Oliver's interesting story of invention and join him in his quest to build a machine in this interactive storybook, the book includes interactive storytelling, exciting activities, games, scriptural exploration and quizzes for a whole new reading experience. 


While this eBook is designed to captivate the imaginations of young readers, its engaging content ensures that even adults can find joy in the exploration.


**For the ultimate experience, we recommend using an annotation app on your iPad, such as Notability or GoodNotes.

The Young Inventor's Dream Interactive Game+Storybook for Kids


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