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Tips for the Creative Entrepreneur

Find your niche market. You cannot sell to everyone, so find your niche market and start from there. Don’t underestimate what you know. You have something that others will pay to know or acquire.

Offer value. Create specific value that people will gladly pay for, value is the key word here, create a solution for an urgent pain or need and create satisfaction for an unfulfilled desire.

Treat it as a business. Making sales is what makes your business, so think of what you do as a business, think of sales and profit and structure your business so.

Commitment. Make a commitment to work ON your business everyday, yes it will take time in the beginning but you have to make the commitment to start and grow your business.

Create business systems. You don’t want a business that is tied to your time; the principle here is that you don’t want to exchange your time for money. Some people leave a job and become self employed or a small business owner, still trading time for money, think in terms of business systems, systems that will keep your business running smoothly without all your time.

Make your first sale quickly. Get to your money milestone quickly, sell something of value and make some money, this will boost your confidence and change how you think about your business.

Be visible. For every business you plan to start, there are probably many people doing it already, stand out and make your voice heard.

Plan the work and work the plan. Don’t underestimate good planning, writing down your plans helps you brainstorm and come up with even more ideas. It also helps you plan for eventualities.

Be patient. You may not see results immediately but don’t be deterred, all businesses takes a while to get established, so keep at it. If something doesn’t work, revise and do it another way.

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