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The YouEconomy: Welcome to the new economy

I recently have been reading up on this new theory or rather, reality and I got so excited about it, finally, this has been properly defined and presented as a reality. No more is it an uncertainty but a hardcore reality that others can finally understand.

Remember when you were asked, ‘so what do you do’? and you were not sure if the person asking would understand that you are not a conventional worker, the traditional 9-5 worker, how do you explain that you have chosen a non traditional or creative path to financial freedom?

Here comes the youeconomy, redefining what work and entrepreneurship means.

“We’ve noticed that people are changing the way they work. Have you? They’re disappearing from cubicles. Abandoning their commute. Earning extra money. Gaining free time. Creating legacy. And often, smiling more. The YouEconomy people are applying their experience in new ways, learning new skills, and tapping into endless resources for training. They’re designing their lives, carving out time for family, and building professions based on their passions.

” Success magazine

The Youeconomy is a global network of people who are leveraging resources and technology to innovate methods of generating income.

They are living an enriched life, the life of making their dreams come true and turning their passions into businesses. It’s an exciting time to be alive!

Now you can confidently and proudly say when asked what you do, I am a blogger, a youtuber or youtube influencer, I own an online magazine, I am a content developer, I am a travel blogger, I am a foodie, I am a self published author

Welcome to the new economy.

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