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Signs You Are a Creative Entrepreneur

Your desire for freedom is greater than security. A job gives you security and a business gives you financial freedom. Of course for the first few years, you will work more than the person with a job, but the difference is that you are doing now what others will not so you can live a life others cannot, in a few years.

You do not fit into a box. You are not defined by the status quo; you create your path and your opportunities and make them work for you.

Seeing things differently, you see business opportunities in everything; when people complain about things, you see a business opportunity, your instinct is to MAKE business. You have ideas and make these ideas into profitable businesses.

You want to make money. Business is about making money, if you are not making money, then it is still a hobby or a passion. Of course it's not all about the money but a business needs to make income.

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