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How To Create An Online TV Show

Identify what interests people; find out what you are passionate about, what do you like doing and talking about? Do you like cooking and recipes? Then think of a cookery show, do you like celebs, then think about a celebrity gossip show or entertainment show, or do you like news and events or something as simple as knitting, I am sure you know where this is going. Even if you have a hobby that is not popular, I bet you will find an audience; people are willing to learn new things or be entertained by new shows.

Come up with a great idea for a show

Write out the concept of your show in details and what it is going to be about. There are myriads of topics you can choose from: fashion, lifestyle, life, motivation, music, politics, news, drama…the list is endless or make it all about yourself and your family and create a vlog.

Plan for each episode of your show, again, consistency is the key, so plan your schedule and each episode. There are many shows out there so it is worth coming up with ideas that will make your show different and interesting.

Start shooting – produce something professional, no one wants to watch a show with bad video or awful audio, so get a great gear, or hire a semi professional to help you with the work, it’s worth it. To start with, you can use your mobile devices or tablets for your recording, manufacturers are improving the cameras on their products and now you can even shoot on proper HD, so take advantage of this but ensure it has great quality.

Edit with interesting in mind – please do not create a boring video, people judge your work in the first few seconds, so create a catchy title and opening sequence and edit your work in an interesting way to grab your audience’s attention.

Choose your format and platform – there are various platforms that can help get your work out there, the main and most obvious choice is YouTube, other platforms include vimeo or submitting your show to iTunes as a video podcast.

Create an online channel – There are sites that are known as video sites for streaming videos, research into these and begin your online channel. You can also create a website with video features to stream your TV Show.

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