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How to build a successful business

1. It is not as difficult as you think - with all the tech and knowledge available to us, starting a business has become easy, however it takes hard work and more to sustain the businesses, but that's the fun in it. The good news is that it is easier now than ever before to start up a business.

2. Find a need and meet it - it's not all about the money, someone said, 'you want to make a million dollars? Help a million people'. So start finding a need and meeting it. Look out for opportunities to help people.

3. Offer what others are willing to exchange money for and voila!

What you love doing may just be an indication - Write down what you love doing, what makes you excited and then research on ways to create an income from it.

4. Leverage the internet and social media - put your products or services in front of people, if people don't know what you offer, they won't buy. So leverage the online platforms including social media, blogs etc.

5. Set up systems - it takes hard work, patience and more to sustain your business, build systems around your business so it does not require your presence 247 to work or to make an income

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