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6 Types of Creative Entrepreneurs

The Entertainer - you use a variety of media: podcasts, youTube, social media, blogs, websties to produce engaging and entertaining content that captivates your audience, such as movies, music, videos, web series, music, theater, or performance.

They generate revenue from direct sales from tickets and live performances or some variation of advertising and promotional items.

The Curator (also known as the Retailer) are known for their innate ability to find and sell merchandise that other people or companies make. That can include both physical and digital products. You can create your website and online platforms and list these products for sale

The Artist/Maker creates tangible goods that they sell to their audience. These tangible goods can take many forms: housewares, clothing, jewelry, greeting cards, candles, paintings, or perfume.

The Educator (Also known as The Thought Leader) uses information to teach their followers something specific. From cooking to travel, to sports, to language, business, craft, to various skills, the list is endless. They use the combination of blog posts, podcasts, and videos

The Digital Entrepreneur - they use their digital skills to create services or digital products, these can be around graphic design, artist, drawing, illustration, web design, copywriting, photography, video production

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