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5 Reasons You Want To Be A Writer

1. To express yourself – writing is about expressions, you are creating a world for people to be a part of. It has been suggested that writing is therapeutic as it involves writing down your thought, emotions etc, it also brings clarification. Expressing yourself is a great reason for writing.

2. You can tell a story – This depends on your genre, as a fiction writer for example, you should be able to make your words come alive to the reader, you can tell a story that people will relate to and be excited to be a part of.

3. You enjoy the process – writing is not always fun, it can be hard work and a chore, so you have to enjoy it enough to continue and be consistent when all you want to do is quit. You don’t only enjoy writing; you enjoy the process of writing. Some people love the idea of writing and when it gets to the work, they find it tedious.

4. To entertain yourself – writing is a great way to entertain yourself, you are creating a whole new world where you are completely absorbed. Writing is an adventure and you get to discover great things about you on this adventure, it opens your eyes to amazing possibilities.

5. To add value to someone else's life – writing is not only for you, it is also to bring joy to someone else and add value to their lives, it is a great opportunity to create something that will mean something to another person.

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